June 2013

Learning Ruby: Where to begin

By Nora G.

When learning something new, always the hardest part is where to begin?  Well, there are a lot of resources out there, but it can be a little overwhelming to decide where to start.  We have explored a lot of resources, and I think that this can help you, hopefully, if you are beginning to learn Ruby.

One of my favorite ways of learning is by actually coding, so I'm going to talk a little something about my top three online free learning resources (this means you don't have to install anything and code right in your browser, sweet isn't it? ):

1. Try Ruby is an interactive shell that teaches the basics of the Ruby language, its fun and it is easy.  It should not take you more that 20 minutes to complete this tutorial.  Like the name says, it’s just to give it a try.

2. Code Academy Is another online platform, it also uses an interactive shell to teach languages as Ruby, PHP, Python, HTML/CSS and Javascript. I really like the Code Academy content for the courses, is one of the most complete and is pretty straight forward to use.

Each course has at least five levels. Each level begins with a screencast, followed by a series of code challenges you must solve to make it to the next level. Classes range from moderate to advanced levels and are taught by experienced professionals who are passionate about the subjects they teach which makes for a better learning environment.  I really recommend you to explore this resource.

3. Ruby Monk I love this site, they offer interactive tutorials and problems to solve to learn Ruby, improve your development skills, or just to keep your knowledge fresh, and updated.  Their approach is a really unique way to encourage you to keep on the road of enlightenment throughout each exercise.  

So there you go, now there is no excuse!  Try to get your hands dirty and learn some Ruby today!

Happy Coding!