May 2013

Developers Community's Women

By Nora G.

Hi everyone, and specially to the luchadoras out there!!

In the company where I work as Systems Engineer, we've come to notice that there is a growing need of sharing technology related news here in Mexico, and more specifically in a womens only group.

There are already a few groups out there, but not one here in Colima. That is why my female coworkers and I started to create and organize a community only for women who are passionate about programming, either as a personal or professional activity.

We have seen, here in Colima, that there is an important number of women that are starting to work as programmers, most of them, graduated from the University of Colima and the Colima's Technology Regional Institute, however, this field is still outnumbered by men.

It's hard for us, in many ways, to compete for professional positions, as the participation of women in this area is relatively new in our context, and there are many cultural barriers to surpass. But, we know that this is a situation that can change if we come together and share information, strategies, methodologies, knowledge, experiences, etc..

This is why we decided to create a development community composed of women only. Our name is 'Codificadas' in honor of Ada Lovelace.

We've been spending the last days with a lot of planning and thinking on how we can make this a reality, and we know that it takes a lot of commitment to get everything up and running. Luckily, we have the support of two great women that are part of awesome organizations! Let me tell you a little bit about them and the first two activities we've been working on:

Zassmin Montes de Oca - from Women who Code

We are fortunate to have a person that has supported us by explaining exactly how we can conduct regular meetings, based on models already tested, and existing exercises.

We will be having regular meetups, where we can develop and encourage the sharing of knowledge, discussion of issues, topics, sharing our doubts and experiences, practice sessions, and providing technical support with the learning exercises.

Zassmin, who is part of Women Who Code, has been kind enough to take our questions and give the best answer. We are sure and confident that through her guidance, we can make a positive environment in the group, full of learning and very entertaining.

If you're a woman, and want to learn about programming, or you know and want to learn more, please join us! The first codificadas meetup will be on Thursday, May 23. For more details, check out the information here: Meetup

Desi McAdam - from Thoughtbot / RailsBridge

We are now confirming the visit to Colima of Desi McAdam from thoughtbot, and also, part of RailsBridge; she agreed to come, sponsored by thoughtbot, and facilitate a workshop pre-MagmaConf, called RailsBridge Colima, Women's Ruby on Rails Workshop.  This is something that we are really excited about, and we hope that we can get the community members attend!

Desi's experience is more than what we even thought we could get to kick off our community.  Desi is also part of the founding members of DevChix, an organization that goes beyond code, since the support that their members receive is also on the business side of the projects. 

This workshop will be the First Ruby On Rails workshop for women, but men are also welcome, provided they are a guest of a woman who is registered to attend. This is because of protocol and the rules that the event already has.

The workshop is limited to 25 attendees, and begins:

Monday June 3, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm To make Install-fest.

Tuesday June 4, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm Workshop (includes lunch).

And there will be a small farewell party at the end of the workshop.

The workshop is free of charge. You only need to sign up for the event, answer a quick questionnaire, and voilá! You can save your place in the meetup link: Workshop

You don't have to be a programmer, or have a background in Computer Sciences. You just have to want to learn to code, and to continue researching and practicing; and also helping others learn.

So if you're a woman and you're in Colima, don't wait longer and sign up for both events! If you are a man, help us spread the word about these events, tell other women who want to learn or improve the art of programming!

We hope to see many Codificadas!


Nora G.