May 2013


Santiago Pastorino

Santiago is a Rails Core Team Member, devoted Open Source developer and Co-Founder of WyeWorks. He's a well rounded Software Engineer, perfectionist and passionate about creating extremely high quality products using the very best practices. As a side effect of getting his Computer Science degree, he is now proudly addicted to Coca-Cola and chocolate.

Gregg Pollack

Gregg Pollack is a coder, entrepreneur, teacher, media producer, father, and eternal student. He believes that life is a classroom, and there's always more to learn. He spends most of his time working with developers who are much better than him at Envy Labs, where he helps produce the Ruby5 Podcast and Code School.

Bryan Liles

Bryan’s incredibly well known in the Ruby community. He’s notorious for having coined TATFT, he’s a prolific teacher, and he has spoken at more conferences than I’ve attended. He’s insanely technical, but pragmatic. He’s personable, and can make a room laugh, but he’s strong enough to know when to push back on bad ideas.