June 2013


There are a few things that we want to let the Magma Community know of, because we know... you are wondering about it!  Here’s a few things we’d like to share:

Videos of the conferences

We are working hard to edit and finalize them ASAP. But, we have a lot of material to go through, and we need to have a final product that matches the quality of the real, live conference. We are going to focus on working on a few talks first, and when they are uploaded we’ll let you know. The second batch will be worked on, parallel to other Magma Conf related efforts.  

No more Magmazine

We will miss it, since it is a project that we always put a lot of time and attention. But we know that it sometimes was too much information to keep an eye on.  Instead, we will be creating a Newsletter that will link you to our blog, where we will be publishing more details about the next event.  The format should be very simple and easy to consult.  Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter, we promise to keep things fun!

The Raffle and the winners!

This was the second year in which we had a very interesting exercise related to the Raffle. After every talk, there is a Q & A session. Each speaker gets to pick which of the questions asked, was the most challenging.  The person who asked that question, would come up to the stage, and was given a pin by the speaker.  This is a small token of appreciation, a little memento from the conference. And it also meant that this person would get an extra ticket for the raffle!

Our friends from Code School gave us 3 free year long subscriptions, and the winners were:   1, 2 y 3.  We hope you guys take advantage of that awesome prize!

And also, Crowd Interactive donated one iPad Mini to be given too. The winner was NAME. We hope you liked it and that you get the most out of it!


We want to let you know that we are very excited about spreading the Magma all over México. This year, many people wanted to join us, but could not travel to Manzanillo. So, we’re going to plan for a way to go to your hometown!  If you are part of a University in México, and want to know how can we make this possible, send us an email and let’s get the ball rolling!  We are more than happy to help in this and more ways to help young devs learn about other technologies, best practices and more.