June 2013

Thank you!

By Rey Lero

There are many people involved in this event, and we want to take a few moments to thank them all.  


Thank you for your interest and participation! We organize this for you, in hopes that someday, you will become a Luchador and jump on the ring to share your knowledge with the rest of the audience.  Please keep us in mind, and remember to tell others like you about this very particular experience.


Thank you so much for sharing all your experience and knowledge with us. We were really happy with the high quality of the talks, and we hope that this information helps others improve their professional and personal lives.  Please keep us in mind, our Call For Proposals will be well announced in a few months.  We wish we can see your names there again!

Sponsors and Partners:

We are very grateful for your support, and we thank you for trusting our unconventional ideas about throwing a one-of-a-kind conference in a beautiful beach in Mexico.   We still need you to believe in the potential of this event, and we hope that you consider coming back next year for more!


You guys rock! I want to make a special mention to Juan Pablo Guzmán and Lidia Otero, without any of you two, this event would have not been the same. Thank you for keeping things afloat, and for being such great hosts to all of us.  Also, Yotzín Cortés, Edwin Cruz, Mario Chávez: Thank you for being our designated drivers! The sound cabin and projection crew, Jesus Haro, Carlos Lazcano, Hector Bustillos, Fabian Mendo and Benjamin Rios: thank you for solving all the technical issues at such fast speed!

Albeit a somewhat cliché phrase, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say that without all of you, this event would not not have kicked ass!

If you have never been to a Magma Conf before, no need to worry. We will keep improving and each year will be better than the previous. But try to get here next year, as we are already planning even more fun and interesting stuff.  You are all welcome to join the party!